Popular Herbal Body Wraps For Stretch Marks

Most body wraps mainly focus on two things – that is, weight management and detoxification. But have you ever thought of using body wraps to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks? By stimulating blood circulation and tightening the skin, herbal body wraps can diminish the appearance of stretch marks and the overall result is a supple and smooth-looking skin.

The best remedy for stretch marks is improving blood circulation and encouraging collagen production. Certain herbal body wraps are designed to stimulate blood circulation and enhance lymph fluid drainage that results to regeneration of tissue and in turn aids in the production of collagen.

Seaweed body wrap is an extremely popular thalassotherapy procedure among men and women, which is often used to rid of cellulite and excess weight. However, dont you know that this specific body wrap is also effective in preventing and reducing stretch marks? Seaweeds contain the strength and health of the sea, and body wraps enrich the skin with vitamins and nutrients. A specific seaweed, Laminaria (kelp) is completely digested (almost 100%) by the human system. It enhances blood circulation in skin and subcutaneous tissues, improve skin tonicity and facilitates elimination of toxic wastes and lymph outflow.

Laminaria also brings smoothness to the skin, rids of stretch marks and feed your system with nourishing elements. Seaweed anti-stretch mark and cellulite wrapping is a gentle and relaxing procedure that uses a blend of natural laminaria and other living weed. This procedure causes aesthetic effects while nourishing the skin, making it resilient, smooth and elastic.

When using herbal body wraps for stretch marks such as seaweed wrap, you can include these all-natural, organic ingredients to enhance its effectiveness and achieve faster improvements.

Aloe vera gel has been shown in many clinical studies to have beneficial effect in wound healing and scar formation. A natural anti-inflammatory agent, aloe vera has been used since time immemorial to reduce the appearance of scars and to heal the skin. Stretch marks begin as microscopic tears in the skin surface because of overstretching of the dermis. Introducing aloe vera in that area can heal those microscopic wounds while preventing scar formation.

Another good ingredient to include in your herbal wrap mixture is grapefruit seed extract. It is a powerful ingredient to help in healing damaged skin as well as in restoring damaged elastin and collagen. Topical application of high concentration of Vitamin D3 has been proven to have positive effect on the cellular processes. It helps increase the cellular activity thats surrounding the stretch marks and rejuvenate the skin.

Results on existing stretch mark reduction are not immediate. Similar to any stretch mark treatment, it is still advised that while the body is under repair, visible result will take time to achieve and several treatments may be required before the marks start to shrink and fade.
Make sure to book a treatment course to save money. The average cost of a full-body herbal body wrap using seaweed is about $100 per session in spas. However, the cost of home-kit is between $20 and $40, which can supply you with sufficient paste for 2 to 3 treatments. If you decide to get at-home body wrap kits, see http://www.simplyslender.com/.