Health Insurance No Waiting Period Plan

In most cases after choosing a health insurance plan, or after having made adjustments to ones current hospital cover or family cover, one may have a minimum waiting period that has been decided by the government. At this time the insurance company and/or government will confirm that the insured person or family will not discontinue the service after a big claim shortly after having joined. In general, people with pre-existing conditions or who are pregnant will have a waiting period of approximately twelve months, around two or three months for psychiatric or mental conditions, and about one or two months for most other health conditions. However, it is important to remember that different insurance companies may have different waiting periods.

Unfortunately not everyone can afford to wait for their insurance claim to be cleared, which is why so many people are interested in the health insurance no waiting period plan. With this plan, people can obtain a discount card which will help one pay for the visit to the doctor. Another name for this is the medical discount plan, and it will also work with dentist visits. The main advantage of this type of plan is that one may see a doctor within three or four days after joining, rather than waiting for a long period of time. In addition, with this type of health fund, one will obtain a discount on dentist and doctor’s fees.

There is also another option with the health insurance no waiting period plan. This type of plan may also be obtained through ones employer, and may include more options, prices and different types of coverage. For those people who are interested in a health insurance no waiting period plan, a good place to start at work is by asking the human resources department for more information.

Fortunately, for people who are having financial trouble or who are considered low income families, some hospitals and/or doctors are willing to look at other options for their patients such as the health insurance no waiting period. In addition, some doctors offer a discount if clients pay cash, or will work out a payment plan for visits which cost more.

Unfortunately, pregnant women may have a dilemma when considering a health insurance no waiting period plan. In general, health care providers do not categorize pregnancy as a pre existing condition, however there may be many loopholes in the contract which may deny a pregnant woman from health coverage for pre and post natal care. For women who do not have the time or patience to research a health insurance no waiting period, a better option may be to quickly look into a public option or government assist options. Since this type of insurance may require a waiting period, it is not necessarily the best option.

For optimal coverage and the best prices available, it is recommended that pregnant women, those with pre existing conditions, and those who are perfectly healthy all plan ahead and research all options before committing to a particular plan.

Did You Know These Tricks To Select The Best Health Insurance

Health care costs are slowly rising over the last few years, making it difficult to pay out of your pocket for medical treatments. In the event of a medical emergency, if you are unable to pay for the medical treatment, you may even risk the health of the individuals. This in turn can affect the family. However in order to protect yourself and your family, you can apply for a health cover. To get the best health insurance, here are few tips to help you get started.

Individual Cover versus Family Cover

While applying for a health cover, you can either apply for an independent cover or you can apply for an overall family cover. A family cover is much more financially suitable as compared to the individual cover. That is because the overall amount for each individual cover is much more expensive than a cover for the whole family. For example, the premium will be considerably cheaper for the overall insurance as compared to each individual. It is highly unlikely that all the members in your family will be hospitalized at the same time, thereby making it financially easier on your pockets. For the best health insurance plans, you can always apply for a family cover immediately after marriage as it can also include maternity cover.

Insurance Cover Provided By Employment

Getting an insurance cover from your company, will definitely be less stressful for you as well as keep you financially flexible. However, while this can work well in the short term sense for long terms plan this can be a mistake. With a cover provided by the employment, you have an advantage when it comes to factor of pre existing diseases. The waiting period for a pre-existing diseases cover is taken care of by the group cover. However,if you lose your job or even switch to another company, there is a high possibility that your insurance will be invalid. Moreover, if you want to apply for another cover, it can be activated only after a certain period of days. If during this time, a medical event arises, you will be required to pay out of your own pocket. However, if you still want to opt for a cover plan by your employee, you can opt for a top up plan to supplement the existing cover for the best health insurance plan. Through this process it will allow you to pay a smaller premium as compared to the overall one.

Check For Inclusions And Exclusions

When applying for a health insurance, always look through the fine print for the inclusions and exclusions. Most covers allow you to claim health insurance for any medical treatment, but only for a certain amount. In other words, you can claim only a limited amount in certain prescribed medical treatments. This can be tedious if the initial medical treatment cost goes well beyond the expected value. These limitations can affect your claim, even if you insured for the particular treatment. Always weigh your options before you apply for the cover.