Must have Over the Counter medicines for travel!

Uncertainties can be really drastic. We actually don’t know what is going to happen just a minute later. So can you take risks while travelling? What if someone in your family or even if you fall sick? What would you do in that scenario? Yes, consulting a doctor is a great idea, but there should be quick solutions that can prevent you from that hassle. That is where the over-the-counter medicines come in to save you while you are travelling. The best thing is, these medicines can offer you pain relief until you find a doctor if the situation is not that good.

So let’s check out what those over-the-counter medicines are and how they can help you out! But do note that the medicines you are buying should be credible and from the trusted sources to ensure quality. You can check out stores like PromoFarma that can assure you the quality of their medicines. Or else, there are many other options available too that you can check out!

Top 5 over-the-counter medicines you should have while travelling!

Let’s dive into the details and see what the medicines you would need while travelling are.


Whenever you try new food or new cuisines while travelling, your metabolism might not accept it right away. That is where you will have to get the antacids medicines so that you can eat them when the right time comes. Antacids will allow you to eat whatever you want as they will be available to solve the issues that are causing.

Buying these types of medicines is quite easy nowadays. You can simply find different online stores through that could also allow you to check the reviews of that particular store.

2.Sore Throat or Cough Medicines

If you do not want to keep holding your neck throughout your trip, you would need some supplements that could offer you relaxation. A sore throat can be caused by chilled drinks, new environment, or any other reason, and that is why it is better not to take any risk.

3.Fever Medicines

Fever is quite common everywhere in the world. Not only that, but you also don’t have to worry much as fever usually goes away within a day or few hours if precautions are taken carefully. You can keep some fever medicines with yourself and take them in an unfortunate scenario. And yes, relaxing during fever is recommended as you will be able to recover faster.

4.Sleeping pills

Would you really want to sacrifice your sleep while on a great sleep? Probably not! If you do, you will be tired the next day and won’t be able to enjoy all the things to their fullest. That is where sleeping pills will help you out and will make you sleep peacefully.


Laxatives are really useful for constipation and can work quite well. In case your stomach is not in its best condition, you can take laxatives to solve the issues rather quickly than making the scenario worse.

The verdict!

These are the five most critical over-the-counter medicines you should always have with you while travelling. So keep them in mind and use them whenever needed to make your journey better.