4 Affordable and Healthy Eats In France

There is no scarcity of food and varieties to tantalise your palate in France, the homestead of creamy sauces and flavorful baguettes.

If you’re a food lover, the only thing you might be lacking is a pair of trousers that can still be buttoned up towards the end of your visit to France.

A spot where the wine never stops flowing and indulgent cheeses are plentiful. Have you finished your five-course meal? It’s best washed down with a cognac and crème brûlée.

French cuisine has a bad reputation for being high in fat and calories.

But how did France become one of the globe’s healthiest countries? Smaller food portions and an active life are beneficial.

However, apart from its rich haute cuisine, France has a plethora of healthy foods.

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With this, let us check out some cheap, affordable French eateries and recipes.

1.  Crêpes

French crêpes are among the cheapest foods in France that anyone can enjoy.

You can eat several of the most delectable meals in the nation for less than ten euros in some delightful crepêries.

There are several vegetarian versions available, ranging from delightful vanilla butter to flavorful spinach, egg, and chèvre.

In aspects of healthful eating, you can get a quintessential cheese and onion confit crêpe.

Find a ready meal or food truck and stroll all over Paris with your snack for a much more reasonably priced crêpe.

La Droguerie in the Marais, as much as any of the crêperies all around Gare Montparnasse, are excellent for genuine Breton crêpes.

2.  Cassoulet

Cassoulet is the utmost comfort food, mainly consisting of inexpensive and nutritious beans that have been graced with meat, vegetables, and herbs and slow-cooked to create layers of flavour.

Cassoulet is a celebratory, low-cost main course that is ideal for a household dinner.

Cassoulets of differing quality and price are also available in France in containers and canisters in grocery stores, food outlets, and delis.

The most affordable include only veggies, tomato paste, sausages, and ham.

Customarily, cooks would use whatever meat was accessible, which was frequently duck and sausage produced from the remnants of more expensive cuts.

Vegan variants with mushrooms in place of the animal products are equally delicious.

This rendition is neither difficult nor costly, but it does necessitate patience and perseverance.

3.  Fresh market food

The French, overall, are foodies, hence why you have to get into the right headspace to pick the ideal cheap eats in Paris.

Picking the ideal veggies, dairy foods, cuts of meat, and fruit and vegetables one by one is virtually a sport at the market.

Discussing with your vendor in-depth about the roots, manufacturing methods, flavours, and maturity level is hectic.

Simply put, the variety on offer at the marketplaces around Paris is unbelievable, and quite often significantly less expensive than grocery store options.

Do some investigations to determine the best produce market you or relatively close a park where you want to picnic.

Verify out the market days and hours to find everything you could want for a French picnic at a low cost.

4.  Burgers

Paris has a burger obsession, which I wholeheartedly endorse, which means the city is brimming with delicious burgers.

France is the food place, from the originals unearthed on the menu options of almost every French bistro to the hipster joints supplying them with modern spins.

Paris, in particular, has the burger of your dreams – and it’s usually around 10 euros.

Deep-fried mushroom and cheese patty are two healthy versions.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of burgers with cultural French specialities.

Whether you’re looking for affordable eats in Paris, walk to the nearest bistro for a burger fix.


There is much more to French cuisine than flavorful croissants and confit de canard.

Fruits and vegetables, fish, and lean protein such as chicken are also used in French cuisine.

It only takes a few simple omissions and substitutions to transform a classic French meal into a wholesome one.

Replace the butter with plant oils such as olive or grapeseed.

Replace heavy cream with low-fat milk or Greek yoghurt.

Simple substitutions will make you start enjoying great meals without jeopardising your healthier life.

This appears to be something that many restaurants have implemented to incorporate healthier foods.

Even better, as previously stated, these healthy foods can be purchased at low, affordable prices.