Whole30 – Elimination Diet

Have you felt tired, sluggish, inflamed yet you are exercising and eating right? Maybe you eat really clean, and have been for awhile, but can’t figure out what food might be causing an upset stomach or the rash on your arm? The food you eat is either slowly killing you, or helping you thrive and live a healthy life! See, our food industry is slowly dying, and while it goes down it is taking a lot of us down with it. Chronic disease is on the rise and I believe it is due to the quality of our food. So many additives and fillers are causing us to become addicted to the ingredients and flavor of our food, rather than using food as fuel! So again, if you are feeling tired, sluggish and inflammed, you might want to take a look into your diet, and the Whole30 protocol is a great place to start!

Whole30 is an elimination diet that takes out foods that can cause inflammation leading to digestive issues, chronic pain, skin irritations, anxiety and much more! Many people feel like they want to make a change in their nutrition and get to the root cause of their symptoms, but aren’t sure where to start. Whole30 walks you through everything and gives you 30 days to stay “clean” from poor quality foods. Whole30 protocol takes out sugar, grains, dairy, soy, legumes, sulfites, MSGs, and carrageenan. All of these foods, or food groups, have a high probability of causing internal inflammation. Untreated inflammation can lead to chronic disease, and epidemic you do not want to be a part of!

Whole30 is almost like hitting the reset button. It gives your body a chance to “start” over and starting functioning at full capacity. 30 days eliminating these foods will give you a fresh start, but it won’t be easy. Taking out all of these food groups can be extremely difficult because they are found in so many of our foods these days, but it will be worth it! The main point of this elimination diet is to realize how much of these foods you consume, how good you can feel without them, but also to change your lifestyle. It teaches you to eat whole foods, that don’t need a label or an ingredient list. The hope is that you carry on what you learn from Whole30, even after the 30 days, into your life so that you can continue to fuel your body with what it needs!