Brain Drain Why Your Health Habits Matter

If Obamacare Stands, You Really Need The NEWSS

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

The American economy is like a patient with a horrible ailment – it’s had a trillion-dollar medical “reform” shoved down its throat. The patient, plagued by plenty of illnesses before Obamacare, might have survived anyway; but now, the prognosis is pretty bleak.

There are plenty of reasons about two-thirds of Americans want Obamacare repealed. It was rammed through with dubious parliamentary trickery. Despite being billed as a cost reduction, the legislation actually bloats government spending and will drive tax rates through the roof. It’s dishonest: despite promises to the contrary issued by lawmakers who didn’t have time to read the bill before passing it, Obamacare contains many nasty surprises, including federal funding for abortion. As I discussed in a previous article, it is already causing a dangerous doctor shortage. In short, it isn’t about “health care reform,” it turns out to be all about government revenue and power.

Consider that it isn’t just talented doctors who’ll be de-motivated out of existence. From pharmaceuticals to medical devices to surgical procedures, all sorts of new cures will not be discovered that otherwise would’ve been. Why? Because, like all other forms of socialism, Obamacare eliminates the profit motive.

I have a brilliant young niece of whom I’m very proud. She could take her pick of careers, and any university or academy will be thrilled to land her. Last I heard, she was considering a course of study and career in biomedical engineering. She’d be creating new technologies, new medical devices to solve some of the trickiest health problems.

Now, time was, smart kids like my niece would be willing to take on such big challenges when they could be playing soccer or thinking about dating instead. But they’d endure the tough study, the all-nighters in the lab, all the dues-paying… because they’d have a chance to help a lot of people and get RICH doing it.

She might still go into bio-med, but, as she is brilliant, I wouldn’t bet on it. All bio-med engineers will eventually be working for the government, if this legislative monstrosity is left to stand. They’ll make the standard rate that a GS-whatever makes. And unless they invest money in something completely unrelated, they’ll never get rich.

Again, how motivated is a person who punches a clock, compared with someone who can dream of a better life? The difference is like night-and-day… or, if you will, like Soviet MASH-style meatball medicine and American health care of years gone by. It turns out the profit motive… the opportunity… the chance to strike it big… these are the things that made our medical system the greatest the world has ever known.

That was before Obamacare.

I’m not saying the system was perfect before. Far from it. I mean, look at how out-of-whack pharmaceuticals had become. New diseases from Restless Leg Syndrome to Acid Reflux suddenly bloomed under the marketing of designer drugs with often-horrific side effects. But there were free-market solutions that could’ve improved the world’s greatest medical system without throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Natural solutions were already competing effectively with dubious prescription drugs. But what will happen to the better solutions when smart people are no longer profit-motivated to create them?

The looming brain drain is only one of the scary aspects of our new “health care reform.” It’s only one reason your health habits matter, and you need to take personal responsibility for your own vitality now so that you might be less dependent on government medicine in the future. Start with the five key daily habits I call The NEWSS: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep, and Supplements. Eat fresh foods and stop eating processed crap. Exercise at least five times a week, getting your heart rate up for at least 15 minutes. Drink two liters of water every day. Get eight hours of sleep. And take a good multi-vitamin (I recommend an easily-absorbed liquid nutraceutical).

Since this dumbed-down system is going to actually cost you much more on your tax bill, you might want to move now to protect your financial health, too. Start a business on the side to create a protected revenue stream from which you can’t be laid off. And get smart about the global conspiracy against wealth.

It’s hard to believe our great medical system has become like a patient on life support. Unless we can reverse it, Obamacare will put the patient to sleep. That’s why you have to wake up now, and take personal responsibility for your own vitality.


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